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LEVO Hands Free Book Stand for Books, CookBooks, TextBooks, Magazines

Item #: LBHUPC #: 665789365360Weight: 34 lbs
If you enjoy reading without a LEVO, then you'll really enjoy reading with a LEVO. You've never experienced reading like this! Now includes our Limited LIFETIME Warranty.
Add our LEVO LED Book & Hobby Light for only $19.99 (regular price $34.99) with purchase of our LEVO Book Stand Floor Model. It's a great light!

This stand can also hold eBooks, iPads, and other tablets and ebooks if you add our LEVO eBook and Tablet Platform Kit. If you include it with this LEVO Stand, you save $5.00 off the price, and you save on shipping. (regular price $34.99)

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Our reading book stand is a breakthrough in reading comfort! It's a book holder, paperback holder, textbook holder, and with our New LEVO Tablet Platform Kit, it holds eBooks and Tablets too!

If you enjoy reading without a LEVO, then you'll really enjoy reading with a LEVO. You've never experienced reading like this! The word "Levo" is a Latin word meaning - to raise, lift up, relieve, ease. These are the exact functions the Levo BookHolder will provide you for years to come. The Levo BookHolder offers 6 unique movements to perfectly place your book in the most comfortable, ergonomic reading position. Whether reclining in your favorite chair, or lying in bed cozied up with your favorite novel, the Levo BookHolder will remove the stress of arched necks and fatigued hands. Our patented design allows our LEVO Book Holder to extend from either the right or left side of your furniture. It's quick and simple to adjust, and no tools are required.

Our LEVO Book Holder can hold books weighing up to 4 pounds... including hardcovers, paperbacks, textbooks, magazines, cookbooks and more.  Let our LEVO's revolutionary design and sturdy construction do all the work while you simply relax and concentrate on your favorite author.  You can use your LEVO with just about every type of furniture... chairs, recliners, and more.  You can even read in bed with your book upside-down.  Join thousands, and order your LEVO today.  If, within 30 days, you don't agree that our LEVO Book Stand has significantly elevated your lifestyle, we'll refund your purchase. LEVO Book Holder... Read at Your Best!

Read comfortably and ergonomically correct in just about any chair. Our patented cantilever design does not require any clearance under your furniture.

Try this simple
book stand test.

Hold your book and read as usual. Your neck is probably kinked as you rest your arms by your side.  Now, raise your book until the kink is out of your neck.  Feel the relief in your neck and spine.  Surely you'd benefit from reading in this position, except your shoulders will quickly start burning.  Now imagine our LEVO Book Stand holding your book for you.  See the light?!

Doesn't she look cozy!  LEVO BookHolders provide unsurpassed comfort by adjusting to position your book in an infinite number of positions.

With a simple push, your LEVO Book Holder folds out of your way so you can exit your furniture. Upon your return, simply pull your book back in position. Your book will be open right where you left it... no bookmark needed.

Heavy duty cast iron base and other quality components are built to last decades.

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5 out of 5 stars Glad I bought one..., 10/2/2011 1:59:02 PM
By: Scott from FL - See all my reviews - Permalink
I purchased this bookholder about a year ago. Since then I have used it almost constantly. As a student I have put it to the test with large heavy textbooks. This thing has held up very well. After a year it is showing NO SIGNS of wear, fatique, or loosenes. I can relax in my favorite chair, and get alot more done without the neck pain and discomfort of holding a book for long hours. I highly recommend this product.

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5 out of 5 stars Don't know how I got buy without It!, 6/11/2011 5:49:31 AM
By: Denise from OK - See all my reviews - Permalink
This is one of the best purchases I've ever made in my life. Reading is my full time hobby and I never thought it could get better until now. Thank you whoever invented the levo book stand.

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"I'm in love! The Levo bookholder is great, making reading easier and more comfortable than I'd ever imagined--and I'm a lifelong reader. A few years ago, I injured my hands and could hardly read. Holding a book for long was just too uncomfortable. Then I found the Kindles and found I could read again, comfortably. I've read and read and read since then...since I got the Levo bookholder and your new e-book adapter, I have been ecstatic! Now, I can position either the Kindle2 or the KindleDX perfectly, at the right height, distance, and angle. Even though I've always propped up books, this is so much better. I no longer have to move or sit awkwardly to have the book where I want it. The book goes where I want it and stays there. You have got a winner--or set of winners--any way I look at them. The quality of your products is impressive. The bookholder itself is solclass, readily adjustable, and I know will last a lifetime. With that heavy base, it won't tip or fall over. Thanks so much for your fine products."

- Phyllis R. Cazares, PhD

"The Levo Bookholder is the best thing invented since the printing press and I still like having a real paper book in which I can underline and comment on in the margins. We bought our LEVO bookholder about six years ago and we consclasser it the most used/important tool we own. Since buying the Levo Book holder and placing it next to my favorite reading chair in the living room, I can relax there and read.  My husband is a retired architect and we have nice furniture from the days when architects designed furniture. The book holder is a perfect design, never tips and works with any furniture."

- Sincerely, Janet Goldberg

"We LOVE the Levos - both of us were drinking our coffee and scratching our kitties while reading our hardback books with no sore arms or spilled coffee. Again, thank you for your excellent customer service - quick response and very helpful, friendly attitude!"

- Take care, Ellen Berringer

"I purchased a bookholder this past summer, and it has been the best thing I've bought for myself for many years. It has easily doubled my reading time and enjoyment. I liked it so much I bought one for my parents, in their 80s, for Christmas this year. My dad has arthritis in his shoulder and back...tonight he told me he'd sat and read for 4 straight hours and absolutely loved the bookholder. He's going to go "inverted" tonight at bed time...thank you for a wonderful product. Get these into the big chain bookstores. I wish I'd known about them years ago."

- Davclass

"I am DELIGHTED with this product! I have neck problems and just reading for 1/2 hour causes pain. I am now able to sit and read for extended periods of time. I am now reading a 973 page novel and the bookholder holds it just fine. Thanks again! "

- Peggy

"The Levo is a great stand for me. I have MS and the stand is so convenient for the iPad."

- Michael

"The Levo BookHolder is wonderful. I sing its virtues to everyone I see. I've been meaning to write and send my thanks for an excellent product and your assistance in getting it to me. Thank you very much for expediting its delivery. I use the Bookholder daily, and for reading in bed nightly. What a joy!"

- Pat Devon

"I absolutely love this LEVO Book Holder. I bought it for my mom who has arthritis and can no longer hold a book - but loves to read. What a great product. I may order another one for myself... Great stuff! And I appreciate the follow up."

- Susan

"The book holder is particularly helpful as my health is not very good. For many years I have just accepted that reading would mean shoulder and back pain due to having to hold the book. It was quite a special feeling the first time I read a book without having to hold it and then endure quite severe pain."

- Stephen, from the UK

Limited Lifetime Warranty
Reading is for a lifetime. When you purchase this LEVO, you are investing in your future. We are dedicated to making your reading experience the best it can be.  That's why we back this LEVO with our Limited LIFETIME Warranty.


Money Back Guarantee
If, within 30 days, you don't agree that our LEVO Book Stand has significantly elevated your lifestyle, we'll refund your purchase. Readers are so thrilled with our LEVO that returns are scarce.

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